We help people quickly return to healthy, active lives without painkillers & expensive medical bills.

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Formerly Courtney Moore, PT in Selma.

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At FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers our specialist team has over 40 years of experience helping people quickly return to healthy, active lives without dangerous painkillers and expensive medical bills

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Peter, what happened??? Part 4

Quick Recap Friday August 18, 2017 Peter awoke and pinched himself because he felt as if he were living a dream. Married to his true love, living in Kingsburg, working with a team of brilliant physical therapy specialists, spending the day with witty, fun clients....

Peter, What happened??? part 3

Physical Therapists Don't Get Sick “Kristin, I think I need to make a doctor appointment.” Several thoughts were running thru my head, but the primary one- "Praise God I am a Selma and Kingsburg Physical Therapist now and not a road warrior commuter anymore." By now I...

Peter, What happened??? part 2

Peter develops a fever and an illness which becomes more severe than he imagined.

“Happy to be here in physical therapy!” part 1

"Happy to be here" - Peter Erickson I am not really sure how I began saying it in the physical therapy office. Perhaps it was after my snowboarding accident and the brief paralysis. Maybe it was during physical therapy following wrist surgery....

FYZICAL Check-Up: Zula Omawahleh

Hi, my name is Zula and I am  fourteen years old! I go to Edison High School in Fresno, and I like to read or play sports in my free time. Before I went to Edison, I went to middle school in Selma. My eighth grade year, our basketball team made it to playoffs. During...

“I am back to weight lifting, which I haven’t been able to do since high school . . . the cool part is that my shoulder was totally fine. I also went rock climbing last month with no issues.” – Nate (age 33)

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